Escort Safety Tips

Being an backpage las vegas has its benefits and risks. The industry seems lucrative but providing companionship comes with risks. If you are new in this industry or looking for ways to ensure your safety, here are safety tips to guide you.

Don’t Drink Alcohol with a Client

To succeed in this industry, never go drinking alcohol with a client especially when meeting him for the first time. The major reason for meeting the client is to provide the most memorable companionship. Therefore, focus on doing that and nothing else. Some clients can race your drinks with drugs that will make you unconscious. Basically, if you drink alcohol, you can end up being raped or lose your valuables. What’s more, alcohol will reduce the ability to make the right decisions. This can put you in a dangerous situation.

Be Professional

How companions present themselves matters when it comes to the treatments they receive from clients. Your client will judge and determine the amount to tip depending on your appearance. It’s also important that you stick to the service terms that you specify from the beginning. Avoid clients that want to negotiate the terms to favor them. Additionally, make the client pay upfront and don’t just agree to meet him just because he promises to pay you a certain amount. The internet is full of scammers and you don’t know who is genuine and who is not. Therefore, stick to your terms to ensure your safety.

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